Welcome to Worldwide Ecotours.  There are so many reasons why we travel.  The list is always contradictory, inspiring and personal.  We travel to find ourselves or lose ourselves, to see the world or escape from it, to encounter the new or embrace the old, to see the world’s treasures or taste its hardships, to open our hearts and minds or to just let go, to find love or its solitude, to forge memories or to forget things for a while, to slow time down or speed things up, to get going or just relax. Whatever your reason, Worldwide Ecotours embraces them all.

Worldwide Ecotours is an Alberta based travel company that specializes in imaginative, responsible, extraordinary ecological travel experiences since 1997.  We offer tours for specific interests and a wide range of budgets. An Ecotour visit means that you will experience cultural encounters, unforgettable wildlife viewings and active adventures.  Our tours inspire an appreciation for nature, a respect for diverse cultures and benefits the local communities you visit.  Ecotourism is responsible travel at its best.  Travel deepens our awareness and connects us to the world around us.  Worldwide Ecotours connects you in a responsible, enjoyable and imaginative way.  Join us and discover your own inspiration.